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Sunday, November 26, 2006

If you draw it they will come.

On my way back home tonight I discovered something wondrous. To my questioning ego I was trying to figure out how to succeed in the comic book world. With all there is to chose from and enjoy what would make my comics stand out from the rest of the amazing books out there. I was struck with the obvious. "Trying" will make my work suck! Trying to be great is self righteous and a defeatous way to go about making art.
"Just be great", i thought. All will come come to those who DO. don't waste time tyring to make the next big thing. Just create and indulge yourself in your art and stories and most of all have fun while doing it. I am my own worst critic and over planning things makes the time and passion for this medium go slower. I love making comics! I love making art and the only thing standing in my way is a fear of greatness.( and maybe no one liking it, but that's something for another day to discuss.)

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Craig said...

Cool. Keep posting your work... I'll bookmark this site. I like the idea of everyday situations that anyone can relate to. I'm sure Katie can relate... just replace Alex with me, and the Nintendo with my record player. Heh heh.