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Friday, August 31, 2007

Daily routines

In a perfect world my daily routine would be, not too distant than it is right now. I wake, get coffee and have a cigarette on the way to work, which by the way is my own business. I conduct the daily chores of running a business, then I teach kids about cartooning and comic books. After the whistle blows and it's time to go home, My lovely lady friend and I go home feed Snowball my cat and have a delicious, healthy dinner,YUM! Then perhaps we watch a movie and then go to bed. The end? Nope, as I was saying in a perfect world my routine would be a little more different than that. Wake up early, jog for an hour, eat breakfast and have coffee. Then walk that beautiful block to work and have an awesome day! Go home and feed the cat, feed myself and lovely lady friend and then(are you ready?) draw comics and sketch in my journal about the daily events. That's a perfect daily routine... for now at least. I have all these really interesting stories in my head to tell and the only thing stopping me is motivation and a solid routine that respects my urges to draw, draw, draw. I am making a solid promise to any one who reads this that I will produce more work of which I am content and amused with. More work means more happy!
Drawing has to be done every day weather you're content or not with the outcome with the art being produced. Drawing is like pooping, a healthy body needs to do it a least once a day. Not too confuse with a metaphor involving poop and art.
I love comics! Love 'em! And even more so I love to make them and draw them... That's about it actually.
My perfect day would also involve me not smoking. We'll see.
Stay tuned to this blog for new stories about to burst forth from my head!


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